Tooth Extractions

Whether you are concerned about emerging wisdom teeth (third molars) or you have an infected tooth that needs to be removed, Cosmopolitan Dental will detect and treat problems with compassion, expertise and gentleness.

Accurate diagnosis is the first step toward the effective treatment of problem teeth. Dr. Woolridge-Ofori is an expert at detecting the size, position and condition of wisdom teeth. She is also highly-trained and experienced in evaluating dental conditions such as infections or trauma that can affect the long-term health of your teeth. You can trust her recommendations for whether a tooth needs to be extracted or can be treated in place.

When extraction is the most appropriate solution, we understand the anxiety this can cause. So we make it our goal to provide an experience that is so comfortable that, by the time you’re ready for treatment, you feel completely at ease.

Taking the pain away

Our patients generally like to know what they will feel during the procedure. We will discuss your sedation options in advance and give you time to decide which is right for you. For most wisdom tooth extractions, we use intravenous (IV) sedation. This not only allows you to rest comfortably but also enables us to complete the procedure more efficiently. We offer local anesthesia and conscious sedation for single or less complicated extractions, and will always make sure to explain the option you prefer.

Same-day follow-up

Since extractions may cause pain or swelling, we will always check in with you after your procedure to make sure you are comforable and recovering well. We can answer any concerns you have and discuss your pain medication, if needed.

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