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mescuite dental Dr. Theresa Woolridge-Ofori DDS

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Cosmopolitan Dental is a family-oriented dental practice that believes that great routine dental care, at every age, is critical to your overall health and wellbeing. To make it a pleasant experience, we have designed everything to put you at ease, with colorful surroundings, a good-humored and compassionate staff, on-time appointments and the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment designed to ensure your comfort and safety.

Technology-forward treatment

Dr. Theresa Woolridge-Ofori is committed to innovation and has stayed at the leading edge of dentistry since she began practicing over 10 years ago. She continually researches advances in treatment and invests in technology proven to provide better outcomes for her patients.

A focus on exceptional care

But innovation is only one part of our superior service. We place a high priority on good communication and respect your right to participate in your care. We give you all the information you need to ensure your care is complete and help you make the treatment decisions that are right for you.

At every checkup, your dental hygienist will go over the best current oral hygiene tools and techniques and point out areas that might need more of your attention.

Dr. Woolridge-Ofori will spend extra time listening to your concerns and issues before thoroughly evaluating your mouth for cavities, hidden dental infections, growths or other conditions that might affect your complete health. Her devotion to solving dental problems with the gentlest and most effective dental treatment has earned her high praise and loyalty from satisfied patients who know she truly has their best interests at heart.